Embarking on the road of the Owner Operator is one of the most exciting journeys a driver can set their sites on. It’s a life of independence, self-satisfaction and dedication to a dream. Making that dream come true means teaming up with a carrier that will work just as hard as you do, and understands exactly what you need to succeed. At Freight Exchange we not only have the resources to offer just that, our entire company was built on that understanding. Our fleet helped build our company, that’s why we’ve adopted a ‘Fleet First’ culture that supports the future of our drivers.


When F/X hit the ground running we depended on our Owner Operators to help us in enhancing the very client base our company was built upon. Ensuring their needs were met meant investing in the future of our own goals. This created a mentality that soon evolved into a culture. We operate a ‘Fleet First’ environment and that means focusing on the miles, loads and opportunities of our drivers. We know that our freight doesn’t move without the expertise and precision of dedicated Owner Operators.


You’ve taken the brave steps to become the architect of your own future. You deserve to work for a company that gives you the resources to build upon that ambition. Here are a few ways we do just that:


  • Open Communication Services for our Owner Operators and Fleet Owners
  • Year Round Freight
  • Industry leading low empty mile percentage
  • F/X is proud of the fact that most of our growth has come from driver referrals
  • A sense of community and belonging you cannot get anywhere else



The great thing about working with Owner Operators is that they already work hard for themselves. That means that, given the opportunity, they’ll work hard for the right carrier. F/X is a better class of carrier because we respect our drivers. We recruit a better class of driver because they respect themselves.