We often say that F/X is a company "By owner operators, for owner operators" because we have built our model in a very contractor-centric fashion. Starting any business without a single dedicated customer takes confidence and a clear sense of purpose. But those qualities alone are not enough to carry a company to success. Luckily we had the support of some of the greatest Owner Operators in the industry. Our contractors helped pave the way to our success and we knew that to keep that momentum we had to keep them happy. And we took it upon ourselves to do just that.


We treated our drivers as if they were our customers; we asked them how they wanted to run, and then we went out and found freight based on what they were looking for. We learned that the more we listened to our Owner Operators, the more friends they brought on board. And that is how we cultivated our recipe for success, which has worked so well for all these years.

That recipe calls for making the contractor our #1 customer. Without them we have nothing to offer shippers; and if we keep them happy, we will continue to mutually grow and thrive.


After a Contractor's first month on the road, our goal is for them to say "I have no complaints. This company is even better than I anticipated". We accomplish this goal thru communication and transparency. From the moment you speak with someone at F/X, you will recognize that we have designed a pay and deduction structure to be very straight forward, steady and predictable.